Box of Matches

by People Eater

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A late-in-the-year album concerning change and different ways of dealing with it. Thanks for listening.


released December 29, 2014

All songs written and performed by Dan DeMarco.



all rights reserved


People Eater Iowa City, Iowa

Lo-fi acoustic/electric folk rock. Comin' at you from a single bedroom in Iowa City.

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Track Name: Don't Change Your Mind
Don’t close your eyes ‘til the light’s all but blinding
Don’t change your mind ‘til you’ve seen what I see
Where will you go if not home to me baby?
Who will you love if you won’t love me?

I’m so alone behind this microphone
I hear the whistle of the dial tone
Broadcasting me through the wires to home
Come throw me into the waves and foam
Track Name: Way Back When
Some folks remember way back when
When life was sweeter than times are now
And I’m told these memories help you carry on
When life just tears you down

But I ain’t got no way back when
No sweet memories of times long gone
Hard times are all I’ve ever had
And I got no choice but to keep on moving on

I’m tired of living day to day
I want something to rest my laurels on
But I’ve never felt truly proud of anything I’ve ever done

But there are times when life is beautiful
And favor’s on my side
And I don’t feel like I always have to hide
And the comfort of these memories
Will console me when the world is harsh and cold
Or so I’m told
Track Name: I'm Stuck Here
I don’t know where I came from
I don't know who I’ve been
All I know is your path crossed with mine
Now I’m stuck here

And I don’t know where you came from
I’d never seen you before
But all it took was one look
For me to know that I’m stuck here

I don’t know what your game is
I don’t know why it was me
My heart’s been trapped
It’s too late to turn back
‘Cuz I’m stuck here
Track Name: I Used to Have It All
I used to have it all
Yeah, I used to want for nothing
Weren’t a goddamn thing in this world that I couldn’t have

But somewhere you know I lost it all
I got stuck on the wrong path

I used to be the champ
Yeah, the champion of everything
Used to put those other champions getting in my way
All to shame

Oh, but I’m a chump now
Got no pride, got no friends, got no name

I used to be the best
And everything I did was meaningful
And my ideas played out perfectly
And I’d finally got myself back on the right track

And it’s just a matter of time
Until I take back what was mine
I’ll take it back
Track Name: Dreamcatcher
I’m gonna drive this car through to day break
With the night wind cool and buzzing
It’s been a long night and you’re still half awake
I’m gonna drive this car through to day break

We fixed the car back up in November
With your mom’s handmade dreamcatcher
That she hung on your mirror in the summer
We fixed the car back up in November

You breathe a punk rock song as you fall asleep
As your hair whips through your glasses
Singing whispered words to some melody
You breathe a punk rock song as you fall asleep

And we’ll encounter some travelers
Wrapped up in their secret lives
Meeting in silence as our headlights gleam goodbye

I could’ve drove that car til the engine died
Drifting through the dark still highways
With your head on my shoulder from the passenger side
I could’ve drove that car til the engine died
Track Name: Get Me Back to Normal
I used to want money
I used to want fame
I used to want a thousand marquees plastered with my name

I used to want friends
I used to want foes
I used to want style, perfect hair and shiny clothes

But then I got lost
Out on my own
Yeah baby I was way ahead of the pack
But somehow I just lost track
Now I gotta get me back to normal

I used to need purpose
I used to need drive
I used to need constant validation just to survive

I used to need love
More than I could ever give
I thought without love it’d be near impossible to live

But let me say I’ve been living
Living just the same
Yeah babe I used to need to be in love with you
It was all I ever thought to do
Now I just need to get me back to normal

My life’s spinning out of control
Oh, where did my strength go?
Track Name: Stay the Same
And I don’t ever wanna change my ways
Just stay the same
And I don’t care if we don’t leave this place
Just stay the same

The only thing that change has ever done is hold me down
Ruin all my plans and keep me on the run
Right out of town

Whoever said that change is always good was unaware
Change will rip your life up by the roots so take care
And stay the same

Seems like whenever we finally get to a place
Where I can say we’re fine
You go ahead and change your mind
Track Name: Lost It Again
Thought we were past this
But it’s coming back on me now
Can I be the best version of myself when you’re around?

So ask me your questions
But know there’s no guarantee I’ll respond
With these fragments of past hurt
Still hanging around with me
And I can’t move on

So tell me is it real now?
Or is it just pretend?
And I can’t believe I lost it again

Not sure what I was clinging to
Some false remedy
Some great bluff
That you and me could be good to each other
If we just tried hard enough

I really fooled myself this time
Thinking we’d worked it out for the best
Is it wrong to even bother?
When I can’t keep my bad thoughts in check

So pack up all your presents
And spend the night at your friend’s
Cuz I can’t believe I lost it again

And the radio was playing that song
You know the one you said I always sang wrong
Track Name: Still Feel Like a Kid
And I’d heard stories of the change to come
And I know I’m no different from anyone
But I really felt I’d have a place to be
In a city that would never keep up with me

But as this year comes to a close
I find the opposite has come true

And people might say that I’ve grown into a capable man
But inside I still feel like a kid
And you can say that everything has gone according to plan
Doesn’t change I still feel like a kid

I wasn’t ready for your call that day
Still unaware of all the terror fate would send our way
I wasn’t ready for it all to change
The man so close to me transfigured into someone strange

And the rock I used for balance
Was pulled out from under me

And people might say that this tragedy will help me grow up
But inside I still feel like a kid
And you can say that I was brave to fly home to him
But when I saw him I felt just like a kid all over again

And though it doesn’t make much of a difference
Could you please let me know when trouble’s on its way?
You see I’ll still get crushed either way
Track Name: Take Care
Well, we make quite a home
These hinges rattle and fuss
And our feet stay bare
And we kick off all the dirt and the dust

With a mattress on the carpet
And a bedroom door that won’t shut
I’m gonna take care
Take care of you

I always wanted to tell you
But never quite figured how
But darling there's no better place than right here
No better time than right now

With a twenty year old engine
And a glove compartment with no key
You’re gonna take care
Take care of me