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People Eater's debut effort, ten tracks lovingly selected from a back catalogue spanning nearly four years, presented here finally as a cohesive package for your listening pleasure. Pump up the volume, these tunes are meant to be played loud.


released July 7, 2014

All songs written and performed by Dan DeMarco.
Backup vocals on "Between the Buildings" provided by Rebecca DeMarco.
Count-off on "Miscreant" provided by Skylar Alexander.



all rights reserved


People Eater Iowa City, Iowa

Lo-fi acoustic/electric folk rock. Comin' at you from a single bedroom in Iowa City.

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Track Name: Lucked Out
Sirens are burning the snowbanks outside
I open the window and ask for a ride
The song gets inside drills a hole through the wall
And my voice is so muffled you can’t hear it at all

I’m hung up on the now ‘cuz my future’s too bleak
So I’ll sit here and wait ‘til it’s my turn to speak
I step over trash every day of the year
‘Cuz tomorrow I know it’ll all disappear

Waiting to hear you confirm what I thought
Just an airborne disaster waiting to be caught
I collapse in a plume, make a hole in the ground
But I’ll get the most credit for just hanging around

Yeah, and I know you got it figured out
But I’m not the one who lucked out

And I know you wanna help me out
But I’m just about lucked out now
Track Name: Don't Wanna Know
Baby says you wanna go
Cuz you seen it on the video
But I don’t think I wanna know

I used to be such a simple man
Had a thought concerning where you’ve been
And if you never wanna be my friend again
How can we stay innocent?

I can feel you waiting for some perfect time
As if the thought had never crossed my mind
You know I’ll try and act so surprised

But I’m not blind to your apathy
Our shift is subtle but it’s plain to see
And soon you’ll disconnect yourself from me

Baby says I oughta go
You know it’s better not to let it show
And I don’t think you wanna know
Track Name: Miscreant
Miscreant find your faith
Hear your words
Know your place

You don't need a key to unlock this heaven price
I don't need to sing any more than I've sung
You don't need a door anymore now that you know it's done

Miscreant find your way
Fix the past
Here to stay

You don't need a sword to fight off this barrier
I don't need to shield any kind of assault
You don't need a teacher to see how the battle is fought

And every day makes us different
Of that you can be sure
I've changed
Track Name: Tired Of Me
I'm so tired of me
You're so tired of me, too
Track Name: Forget It
I have become so disconnected
From what I used to think mattered

I’m not a ghost
But you can see through me
I’m completely transparent

It’s funny cuz it’s true
And the joke is my attempts
To make a connection with you
Wait, I think I had something to say
Better just forget I said anything

The first time I caught my reflection
I jumped right out of my skin

Your politics
You’ve rigged the system
So there’s no way you can win

No, this is something different
Track Name: In a Well-Lit Room
It’s the scariest thing
When you turn off
In a well-lit room
I see every detail
As clear as daylight every night

Did I fall asleep again?
Can you find me?
An anchor attached to you
Just hold on
I promise I won’t ever let you go
I know where you need to go

Take me, tell me where you are
I’ll find you
No matter where you are
It’s not far
Track Name: I'm a Wreck
Not to be outdone I crawled to you
Turned away and wishing that I knew you
Wrote a mess of songs, secrets for you
Not sure what I thought that was supposed to do

Now I’m on square one, well that’s something
Can’t say I did not see this coming
Something in me tried to avoid you
Now I spend my time thinking how to get through to you

Now I’m a wreck
But if you try me later
I’ll erase just like magic
Any trace of my sadness

These fast-healing scars they never show
Memories fade they just don’t know
What do you think of me right now?
Would you be honest?
Don’t know how
Not right now
Track Name: Between the Buildings
Losing our sense of taste
I'm walking alone to my place tonight
But this was a worthwhile waste of time
I don't mind

The asphalt still shields the ground
Whenever I make a sound, it shows
And you can bet everyone around here knows by now

Are we okay?

I've sung about the night before
The comfort it keeps in store for me
Walking and looking for some harmony

But night doesn't know your name
It listens but never says a thing
Removed and observing all your wandering

I'm not in a place where I can handle change just yet
We'll talk about this later if we don't manage to forget

I was walking outside
Between the buildings black
I was somewhere else for once
Now I can't go back
Track Name: Take Me Off the Shelf
I can see the sunset through the peephole
Burning necklace shines the street
I can see the cold
The smoke begins to fold around itself

Take me off the shelf
Dust me off
Let me be your sunshine leather raincoat
Take me from the top
Let me out
I can be your number two
Your yellow red and blue

I can see the shadows in the window
Dusty fingers find my door
Help me read the signs
The cracks between the lines in my hands

I won’t be afraid
Thought you had it made
Baby it’s alright
Don’t you know that everybody lies to me?
Track Name: Moon Day
The sun fits the needle through the stack of hay
I never figured out what you were trying to say
But that’s okay because Moon Day’s on its way

All I had was a pillow on a feather bed
You left cuz there was nowhere you could rest your head
But that’s okay because Moon Day’s on its way

Come get me
I’m ready
But if you don’t want me it’s easy to see
It’s not hard to get rid of me

The stars make a challenge that I can’t quite match
The wind makes a whisper that I can’t quite catch
But that’s okay because Moon Day’s on its way

The closet’s got boxes and a stack of sheets
My dresser’s in shambles and my clothes in heaps
But that’s okay because Moon Day’s on its way

The shadow makes the image of a butterfly
The smoke in the branches and the cranes in the sky
But it’s okay because Moon Day’s on its way